Welcome to HBe Fitness 

My name is Hayward, I am a qualified Personal Trainer, 5th Dan Black Belt in Martial Arts and Action Actor.

I offer a wide range of training services to individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Are you looking to kick start your fitness journey? 

Do you need help and guidance to change to a healthier lifestyle?

Do you need fitness educational guidance? 

Do you struggle to stay motivated? 

Are you looking to learn self-defence and join a karate club? 

Please take a look  at my website for further information and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. 



- Christchurch

- Dorset

- United Kingdom

Personal Training 
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I can help you with your unique training requirements. 

Get the best results with the time you have.

Achieve your fitness goals. 

Keep you educated on doing exercises correctly to avoid injury. 

Make exercise become a habit. 

Most importantly enjoy working out. 

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Online Training 
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Work out in the comfort of your own home.

Work out on your own schedule.

Time is no longer an issue. 

Communication is key.

I will stay in touch with to make sure you stay motivated. 

Keep a track record of your training routine. 

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Martial Arts 
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I run my own Martial Arts club in the South of the UK. 

Martial Arts has many physical and mental benefits. 

It teaches you self defence. 

It helps to boost attitude and mental well being. 

Improves fitness levels and social skills. 

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